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L-330 Beige Violet male DOB 9-14-01 $225

I am currently CONSIDERING selling this boy. It is very hard as he was my first chin. He's a proven and GREAT breeder- gets the girls preg every time and has produced many nice kits. I purchased him from PNWC a year and a half ago. The reason I might sell him is because recently he has been very aggressive with his girls and I don't want to take the risk of them getting injured by him (he has been a little too eager to breed lately even though they are not in heat and two are already preg, and at the slightest resistence from the girls, he attacks them and tries to force them to breed). So I am going to give him a few weeks of living along to see if he will 'cool off' a bit, and if he does settle down then I will keep him. If not, he will be for sale. I would sell him for $225, and preferably to a pet home, unless you are an experienced breeder and want to try him in a different breeding envirnment. I think he'd do great in a run setting, but would need to be watched closely to make sure he doesn't start attacking them. I will update this ad once I decide what I am going to do with him.
He's a real nice looking boy, with very desirable round face and wonderfully small, rounded ears, which he seems to pass down to his kits. He is 550-600g (maybe a bit more) when not in breeding. "Timmy" would be a great pet.

Please feel free to contact me anytime with any questions or concerns!