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Ebony is a gene that is very unpredictable! It is accumulative and is also reffered to as the 'wrap-around-gene' because it causes the chin's coloring to wrap all the way around so you have a solid colored chin with no white belly. A Hetero Ebony can range from a Standard grey color all over (even on the belly), to very dark grey or black all over. A Homo Ebony is every-hair-shiny-black, and these are absolutely stunning to look at. By accumulative, I mean that the more Ebony that is bred into the line, the darker. For example, if you had maybe three or four groups, and each one had a Standard and Hetero Ebony(s) of varying shades, you could keep the offspring for future breeding- they would likely be anywhere from Standard EBC to medium Hetero Ebony. Take a male kit from one group and a female kit(s) from each of the other groups and breed these together. The kits from these will likely range from Lt Hetero Ebonies to Medium Hetero Ebonies. If you take a female kit or two from this group and breed to an outside Ebony male (an unrelated Eb male of different lines), then the kits will again become darker. Keep doing this, and you will eventually end up with a Homo Ebony. The hard part is keeping the quality- you must breed to Standard every other generation at least. By doing this, you may lighten any Ebony that shows in the coat, but it will pay off when you eventually (after many generations) produce top quality Dark and Homo Ebonies which are very desirable.
Nowadays, you could probably just go out and buy a Dark or Homo Ebony to start with and breed to improve on its quality, but I wanted to use the above as an example of how the Ebony gene is accumulative.
Ebony can influence the phenotype of pretty much any mutation. Some examples are Tans, Solid Violets, Tan Whites, Ebony Mosaics, Solid Sapphires, and there are many more.

Heterozygous Ebony
I will soon be adding some pictures of Hetero Ebonies!

Homozygous Ebony
Homo Ebonies are every hair shiny black.

my Homo Eb boy

"Cosmo"- Homo Ebony

I will soon be adding some pictures of Tans!

Solid Violet

Ebony Mosaic (aka White Ebony, Ebony White, White Mosaic Ebony)
Please see the section in 'Whites' to read more about this mutation!

Picture Courtesy of Angela

The pictures of this STUNNING Eb/White kit are courtesy of Jimmy




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