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Applewood Chinchillas
L-330- "Timmy"


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I have been thinking about selling this boy for some time now and have decided it would be best if I found him a good pet home. He was my very first chinny so it is going to be very very hard to see him go, but I just don't think it is wise to keep him in breeding as he has a tendancy to fight with his girls (usually when they are around 2-3 months into a pregnancy, for some reason). He is very proven, so far he has produced: Violet F, Beige Violet F, Violet F, Standard VC M, Beige VC F, TOV Homo Tan VC M, and Homo? Beige (TOV?) VC M, and he has another litter coming up with a PW/vc girl as well. He is an extremely aggressive breeder, has not missed a girl once. He will attack any female who doesn't let him breed, and I think this is why he and his mates fight- he attempts to breed them when they are already pregnant.
He is not always very social, but isn't mean at all and I think with some one-on-one attention, he will make an excellent pet. He will probably need to be an only chin, I wouldn't trust him with another male and would prefer that he not be bred.
I am asking $225, as this is what I paid for him.


Please feel free to contact me anytime with any questions or concerns!