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Applewood Chinchillas


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On this page, you can see the chins that we keep strictly as pets- they are not for breeding purposes. 

Zoe is a wonderful girl, I have had her since she was 3 weeks old when I brought her and her brother and mother home from Dea. She has become such a beautiful girl, and she has a very unique personality! She is the one who causes more trouble than any other chin. She opens cages to let her and her cagemates out, is the most destructive chewer I have, and she cannot stand it when I pet any of the other chins. If I do when she is watching she will climb the wire and hang there until I come to see her too, as well as shaking the whole stack of cages by grabbing the wire with her hands and teeth, and bracing her feet against the wire, and shaking it as hard as she can. She can make quite a racket! She is one of my friendliest girls though, and is very attached to me. Zoe's DOB is 6/23/02 and her average weight is around 700g.
Zoe is not being put back into breeding because she just isn't the quality that I need in my Eb line.



Please feel free to e-mail anytime with any questions or concerns!