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Gemini is an outstanding Extra Dark Standard from Ralph Shoots. I asked Ralph to pick me a male with a very blue tip, very blocky conformation, and excellent density and strength of fur and am very pleased with what he sent! This boy is fantastic! Gemini weighs around 860g in breeding and has proven to be quite the stud, consistantly producing kits of exceptional quality.

Tanzy (9 weeks old?)



Tanzy is a beautiful 800g Extra Dark Ebony bred here out of Cosmo (Extra Dk Eb from Somavia lines) and Pandora (DWSW/Shoots Stnd EBC from National GSC and 1st Place lines). Tanzy was shown at the MCBA West Coast Chapter show in Ellensburg on 3/4/06 and surprised us by taking 1b, Reserve Section Champ Female, and Reserve Champion Female of Show. She was VERY close to being the Reserve Grand Show Champion and I am so proud of her!



Neeka is an awsome Standard female from Silvermoon Chinchillas out of all Shoots lines. She's currently about 810g and has great fur and conformation!

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