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Here are all of our 2003 kits! Most of these pictures were taken the day they were born.

Mombasa and Nigel's kits (Velvet and Simba)

On August 14, "Mombasa" (Std EBC) delivered two Ebony kits! The male was 59g and the female was 45g at birth. "Simba" went to live with Stephanie in WY along with his daddy, "Nigel" (Extra Dark TOV Ebony). "Velvet" went to live with Alex in FL, along with her mom. 


On September 9, "Jade" (Standard) delivered a 51g White Mosaic male, and a very large stillborn White Mosaic female. "Casper" (White Mosaic) is the daddy. "MoonDancer" was sold to Jenny (Southern Heart Chinchillas) in MS. He is now 800g and is just GORGEOUS!

Dusty (with Jade and MoonDancer)

On October 19, Zoe gave birth to two 60g Hetero Ebony boys. This was her first litter and unfortunately the first kit was a stillborn. When she starting acting too aggressively towards the second kit, we tried to foster him over to Jade. Her and Casper took him right in, but Jade refused to let him nurse from her, so we again tried to put him with his mom. To our relief, she settled down and let him nurse and everything went well after that. "Dusty's" sire is Nigel (Extra Dark TOV Ebony). He was sold to Lisa in NC.

Ford Prefect

On November 3, Nougat (TOV Tan White) delivered a 46g TOV? Homo Tan VC male. His sire is Timmy (Beige Violet). "Ford Prefect" was sold to Ana in WA.

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