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I most always have kits and/or adult chinchillas for sale or at least upcoming litters. Any that are for sale will be listed on the For Sale page. Please read this Sales Information page before inquiring about any Chins that are for sale.


In order for me to hold a chinchilla until weaned, or until pickup or shipping can be arranged, I require a 1/2 deposit. All deposits are non-refundable. However, under certain circumstances, I may be willing to make the deposit good towards any other chinchilla that is or will be for sale for up to 6 months from the date the deposit was received. My holding the deposit guarantees that the chinchilla will not be sold to any other person UNLESS the buyer backs out of the sale or the buyer disappears and is not heard from. If I have not heard from the interested party after the deposit is received, I will send an e-mail notification stating that they have a certain amount of time to contact me before I again list the animal for sale.


AVAILABLE means the chinchilla has not had a deposit placed on him/her and is still up for grabs. Please note that just because a chinchilla is available does not always mean it is ready to go now. Sometimes I will list a kit for sale and will accept deposits to hold the kit until weaned and ready to go.


SALE PENDING means that I have gotten a verbal or written inquiry about a certain chinchilla, that the sale has been discussed, and I am awaiting a deposit from the interested party. I will not consider any animal sale pending unless I am told directly that they are sending the deposit and want the animal. Once the interested party has told me they are sending deposit, they then have 10 days for the deposit to reach me, and if I do not receive it before the 10 days are up, the chinchilla goes back up for sale.


SOLD means that I have received the deposit for the chinchilla. After deposit is received, I will hold the animal until weaned or until pickup or shipping can be arranged and carried out.


I prefer to find local homes for my chins, but I do ship occasionally at buyers cost. The cost is usually about $125 on Continental including carrier (unless you wish me to ship them in one of mine and you send it back to me, or send me your carrier to ship the chin in). Everything must be paid in full prior to shipping. If there are several buyers in the same area, I like to try to arrange the shipping to where all chins can be shipped together and the buyers can meet at the airport to pick up chins and split shipping costs. This makes it cheaper, easier, and less stressful for everyone involved.


I do not offer a refund or replacement guarantee on my chins to my customers. Instead, any complaints or death of chins that were purchased from me will be handled on a case-by-case basis. No chinchilla will be sold as a healthy animal if showing any signs of illness, and I do not sell animals that to my knowledge are ill without the buyer knowing about any/all health issues that I am aware of. Health certificates are available upon request and at buyers cost ($56) if you prefer and if specified. To my knowledge, no chinchilla that I have sold has died or become ill, and I have not received any complaints about any that were purchased from me. The quality and health of the chins that I breed and sell, and the satisfaction of my customers is of utmost importance to me. I never breed any chinchilla who has a known health problem (such as heart issues, malocclusion, and anything else that could be hereditary).


If you purchase a female from me who gives birth to kits within 120 days of purchase, I require that you notify me and that I get compensation for 50% of the value of the litter whether in the form of cash, money order, and/or kits of my choice returned to me free of charge when weaned, unless otherwise agreed upon. I usually will only take a kit(s) back if you are local, so that there is not the hassle and expense of shipping. If you are not within driving distance of us, then compensation via PayPal or Money Order will need to be sent to me.


With each purchase, I include enough food to switch the chinchilla over to what you feed, hay cubes, a sample of oat supplement, a pedigree, as well as lifelong after sale support. I encourage my customers to keep in touch with me and to feel free to ask any questions they may have before or after the sale.


All buyers may be asked to sign an agreement.


I may, at any time, refuse a sale if I feel that the buyer will not provide the Chinchilla a good home.


I ask that if you ever need to find the chinchilla another home, I be given the first oppurtunity to buy the animal back for the same price that you payed (or some other arrangement).

Please feel free to contact me anytime with any questions or concerns!