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I am now selling homemade Oat Supplement!

I have been using it on my chins for a while now and it is great stuff. Very good for young, growing, pregnant, and lactating chins or just chins who need to put on some weight. I use it for all my chins and over time, all have filled out nicely and started breeding better. The main ingredients are 5 grain oats, barley, and wheat germ, although there are many other things as well. The chins LOVE it and I also use it as a treat throughout the day as it is a much healthier alternative to raisins and most other common treats. Over a hundred pounds of my supplement has been sold so far, and I am so pleased with the responses and all the positive feedback we have gotten.
This supplement keeps best if kept in freezer in a sealed container. Every batch is mixed up fresh when you order, and is kept sealed and frozen until time of shipping, so you are sure to get it fresh.
Prices are $3.99/lb for the first lb, then $3.50/lb for each additional pound after that. Shipping costs are extra and the price for that varies depending on how much you buy, and where you are located. For shipping quotes, please e-mail me and lemme me know which zone you are in.
For more information, or to order, please e-mail us! We accept Money Orders and PayPal.

a closeup pic of the supplement

Here is some of the feedback we have gotten about our supplement!

I just wanted to e-mail you back and let you know that my chinchillas LOVE your oat supplement that you made.  Thank you for sending it, I look forward to purchasing more in the future.



I just wanted to say Thank you Rachael!! The supplement arrived today (my cats loved the bubble wrap) and the chins LOVED the supplement! Thanks again!!



I just thought that I'd add that this supplement is some really good stuff. I ordered some a few weeks back and our chinchillas love it. I even believe that it helped slightly when introducing two of my pairs. I believe it made them a little more amiable towards each other from the onset. I can't prove that, but what I can prove is that this supplement doesn't take long to disappear after I put it in my chinchillas' new supplement dishes!



Rachael, I just got your supplement over the weekend - all my boys LOVE it!
Thank you for getting it out so promptly! I think I will be able to fatten my rescues right up with this stuff. Mmmm good!

(later)...your supplement is an absolute hit with my chins!!!! They all LOVE it and gobble it down instantly when I put it in their cage! Great job!!!!



Hi Rachael, received the supplement yesterday and they love it, hope you are planning to continue selling this stuff!
Thanks again
Your supplement came on Monday and my chins went NUTS for it!! I just wanted to say thanks and recommend it to anyone looking for a supplement!
~Stephanie L.
I just got my Oats and I wanted everyone to know that Twitches loves them, they are great, Thanks again Rachael, I hope you continue selling these oats,
so does Twitch
~Stephanie B.
They loved it!!!! I put 1 teaspoon in their food and they didn't leave any food or oats. Thanks so much.
Fred has gained fifteen grams since I started adding this to their food. Carly's only gained five.....she likes the oats, but Fred wolfs 'em down - lol. I highly recommend this supplement - my babies LOVE it and it smells wonderful
Hi Rachael, I just wanted to let you know how much my chins like your supp. Since starting to use it they clean up almost all of their pellets too. When I get low I will be contacting you for more. Thanks again!!!

Please feel free to contact us anytime with any questions or concerns!