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M-2- proven, TOV Dk Hetero Ebony male- SALE PENDING
"Nigel" is a very cute TOV Dk Hetero Ebony male. He is a great breeder, loves his babies, and gets along with everyone. I have not had a problem getting him with the girls yet. He is snuggly and hardly ever moves a muscle when being held. Nigel is out of a Black Velvet of Ronda Frazier's, and a Homo Ebony male from Sue Irvin. I am not 100% sure he is TOV, but he does appear to be. We are expecting another litter from him anyday so if there are any TOV's in it, we will know he is.. If not, he is still possibly TOV. Nigel is currently trioed with Mombasa and another female (Zoe). He can be sold with Mombasa or separately. I will discount the price some if you purchase both.  Nigel weighs 500g currently and is not full grown. $225

he is darker than he appears in this picture. the flash washes him out.

Nigel with Zoe and Mombasa

This is a picture of Nigel taken 10/5/03

Please feel free to contact me anytime with any questions or concerns!