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N-9 AWC- Lt/Med Het Eb M DOB 10/19/03

This little guy is absolutely adorable and was born on the 19th to Zoe and Nigel. He is from a litter of two, but his brother was stillborn. He was 60g at birth and should be decent sized and very nice quality when mature. We will be accepting deposits on him when he reaches 2 weeks of age. As of 10/21/03, his mother weighs 806g and she's VERY nice quality with wonderful conformation. This boy will be weaned by the middle of December and ready to go just in time for Christmas;) $125

Here he is pictured with "Jade" and is a few hours old

He is one week old in this picture

He is 2 weeks old and 95g in this pic!

Another of him at 2 weeks!

Please feel free to contact me anytime with any questions or concerns!