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Standard grey is the original color of the chinchilla in the wild. These are the beginning of the vast genepool. Large, healthy, and top quality pure Standards are essential to every breeding herd and should be bred back to the mutations every other generation at least. This is the only way to keep the quality, health, and size going in your herd.
These are probably the easiest to identify when it comes to colors. They come in varying shades of grey and have white bellies with dark eyes and grey ears. They often have paw stripes as well. A good Standard is one who under good lighting shows a clear, blue hue to the fur and has a crisp, White belly with no off-coloring. As with any chinchilla, the fur should be dense, plush, tight, and should not 'lay down' anywhere, especially over the hips which is very common in alot of chins, and the veiling should be even and not have any 'breaks' particularly in the neck area. Standards have agouti hair-stripes.




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