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Triskal (6 months old)

Triskal is a 1st Place (NCBC) TOV Tan White boy that was bred here, he is out of Rainier and Nougat (TOV Tan White from ChinBin). He recently turned one year old and is right around 720g. He will probably continue to grow over the next year or so.

Pandora and her kit (Tanzy)


Pandora is a 786g Standard EBC from DWSW Chinchillas out of a HUGE National GSC Shoots Standard boy and a big DWSW 1st Place Dark Eb. She and Triskal do not seem to be very compatible if they are together for more than a few hours, so we are attempting to time it just right and get Triskal in with her next time she goes into heat just long enough for them to breed.


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