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Sales Information

As of March, 2006, some of my policies have been revised so I would greatly appreciate it if you would please take a few minutes to read this page before inquiring about any of the chins that I have up for sale. Thank you!


My chinchillas are sold on a first come, first serve basis- assuming that I approve of the buyer. In order for me to hold a chinchilla until weaned, or until pickup or shipping can be arranged and carried out, I require a 50% non-refundable deposit. The only circumstances under which I am obligated to refund the deposit are if the sale is canceled on my end, or if the chinchilla becomes ill or dies while in my care. My holding the deposit guarantees that the chinchilla will not be sold to any other person UNLESS the buyer backs out of the sale or ‘disappears’ (defined as the buyer failing to contact me for 4 or more consecutive weeks without prior notice). Should the buyer ‘disappear’, I will send notification via telephone or e-mail stating that he/she has 1 week to contact me before their money is forfeit and I again list the animal for sale. Depending on the circumstance, I may or may not allow a buyer to use a forfeit deposit towards another chinchilla for up to 6 months from the time the sale was terminated.


Once a deposit has been received, I will hold the chinchilla here for up to one month free of charge after which time there will be a $5/month boarding fee. (This does not apply to kits that are not yet weaned.)


I guarantee the health of all chinchillas that are bred here at AWC as follows: Any chinchilla bred here which maloccludes or dies from a hereditary condition by 18 months of age will be replaced with an animal of equal or lesser value, excluding shipping expenses. However, I will have to see a report from your veterinarian as well as a written statement from the vet stating that the chinchilla’s condition does/did not appear to be caused by maltreatment or neglect on the owner’s part. I will not guarantee my animals against accidental death or injury once they have left these premises. The quality and health of the chins that I breed and sell, and the satisfaction of my customers is of utmost importance to me. I will never breed any chinchilla that I even suspect of having health problems that could be passed on (such as heart issues, malocclusion, and anything else that could be hereditary).


I do ship at the buyer’s expense to any airport within the U.S. that Continental Airlines services. The cost is $140 including my gas and airport parking fees. If you need me to purchase a carrier to ship the chin(s) in, there will be an additional charge of around $20 depending on the type of carrier you want. Everything must be paid in full prior to shipping.


If the buyer purchases a female from me who gives birth to kits within 120 days of leaving my home, I require immediate notification and compensation for 50% of the value of the litter whether in the form of cash, money order, and/or kits of my choice returned to me free of charge when weaned, unless otherwise agreed upon.


With each chinchilla that is purchased, I include at least a two-week supply of food as well as the chin’s pedigree and lifelong after-sale support. I encourage my customers to keep in touch with me and to feel free to ask any questions they may have before or after the sale.


All buyers may be asked to sign an agreement (subject to change as each situation demands).


I reserve the right to refuse or cancel a sale at my discretion at any time while the chinchilla is still in my care.




Please feel free to e-mail me anytime with any questions or concerns!
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April 7, 2009
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