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Hello and welcome to my website!
  My name is Rachael and I am a hobby breeder of Chinchillas located in western Washington state. I've been breeding them for almost 7 years now and have a small herd consisting of under 10 chinchillas (though I am working on expanding again). All of my breeding stock comes from reputable sources such as Ralph Shoots, Silvermoon Chinchillas, and others. I strive to produce chinchillas of superior quality, health, and temperament in my breeding program. I am a member of the MCBA (Mutation Chinchilla Breeders Association).
I have drastically reduced my herd over the past year in order to weed out the last of my lower quality breeding animals and any unnessary mutations and will be focusing primarily on Standards, Black Velvets, and Ebonies from now on. I use strictly top-notch chinchillas in my breeding program and my mutations are bred to high quality Standards at least every other generation in order to effectively maintain and improve the quality of the kits we produce.  
     I would like to thank Serena Mehrer of Park Place Chins, for answering so many questions for me, and for being so patient. She's a pleasure to work with!
Enjoy the site!
Unfortunately, at this time Applewood Chinchillas is selling out. I still have several very nice animals available as well as cages and other supplies. Please take a look at the sales page to see what's available!

Please bear with us; we are currently in the process of updating this website, particularly the info. and sales pages. Thank you for your patience, and please check back soon!

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Please feel free to e-mail me anytime with any questions or concerns!
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April 7, 2009
We update often, so visit us again soon!