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This page is for kits that are being grown out and for any other chins I have here that I have not yet chosen a mate for.





This boy is a Standard EBC out of Gemini and Tanzy. I have yet to be disappointed in the least with a kit out of this pair and this boy is fantastic example of the quality they produce; he is a real looker! He's currently 675g at 8 months of age and has exceptional fur and conformation. This boy may or may not be available- he's been here for so long that we've gotten quite attached to him so we're debating whether or not to keep him even though we have no need for a male EBC from this line.




V-1 & V-2
These boys are out of Gemini and Neeka and are currently 3.5 months old. They are both available.


This lovely girl is full sister to T-6. She is an Extra Dark Ebony out of Tanzy and Gemini and if she turns out as well we we expect, she will later be bred to Orion.

Please feel free to e-mail me anytime with any questions or concerns!
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