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This page is dedicated to the memories of chins that we have lost.

Melody (7/21/02 - 12/10/03)
Mel was one of my new herd improvement Standard girls. She was such a beautiful chin and a very sweet girl. We will miss her tremendously. The necropsy showed that she was newly pregnant with three kits. It looks like she died from heart problems as the right side of her heart was bigger than the left. Here are some pictures of my gorgeous lil girl.


Sadly we lost Gracie just days before her due date because of a heatwave that came through in July '06. I had an air conditioner stored in case of an emergency such as this, but when it was set up, the cord was found to be badly damaged. I am devastated at her loss, she was one of my favorites, very unique. Thanks to a very thoughtful man who volunteers his time to local vet offices, Gracies's ashes have been spread in a beautiful clearing up in Mt. Rainier.


Please feel free to e-mail anytime with any questions or concers!

Please feel free to e-mail me anytime with any questions or concerns!
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