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Applewood Chinchillas

2006 Babies

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Here's our '06 babies!

On February 25th, we helped Gracie deliver a 71g breech baby boy. Unfortunately, the second half of him was paralyzed from birth and he did not make it. He was a White Mosaic sired by Casper.

On April 12th, Roxy (TOV Homo Beige Pink White) gave birth to two girls, a TOV Pink White and a Pink White. Their sire is Rainier (Standard).


On May 19th, Sierra (BV) deliverd a nicely marked 74g TOV White Mosaic girl. "Aunt Wilma" now lives with Marie in Canada. Her sire is Casper (White Mosaic).

On August 23rd, Tanzy (Extra Dk. Ebony) delivered a 68g Med/Dark Ebony female, sired by Gemini (Extra Dk. Standard). "Marah" is a GORGEOUS 900g girl with fantastic fur and conformation- an all-around outstanding ebony!

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