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Here's all of our '04 kits! Most of these pictures were taken the day they were born. 

Jade's triplets

On February 25, Jade (Standard) delivered three kits- a 54g Standard male, a 58g Standard female, and a 42g White Mosaic female. Their daddy is Casper (White Mosaic). "Rye" was sold to Lorraine in WA, "Crystal" was sold to Amy in CA, and "Checkers" was sold to Barrie in FL.

Angel's kits

On March 8, Angel (Pink White VC) delivered two adorable kits, a 48g Hetero Beige VC/EBC female, and a 48g Pink White VC/P-EBC male. Their daddy is Timmy (Beige Violet). "Sultan" and "Inca" were both sold to Jodie in FL.


On May 27, Sierra (Black Velvet) delivered a 62g Standard male. His daddy is Rainier (Standard). "Merik" was sold to Selena in WA and took 1st Place at the '05 MCBA Northwest chapter show in Boise.

Jade's triplets

On August 12, Jade delivered another litter of three- a 43g Standard male, a 43g Standard female, and a 54g Standard female. Their sire is Casper. "Savannah" and "Sequoia" were sold to Cyndi in OR and "Hobo" was sold to Sara in MO. Update: Hobo took 2nd Place at the '05 MCBA Nationals at barely 7 months of age.

Destiny and Triskal

On September 3, Nougat (TOV Tan White) delivered two beautiful kits, a 50g TOV Ebony White female, and a 44g TOV Tan White male. The male was still a bit damp in the picture. Their sire is Rainier (Standard). "Destiny" was sold to Cyndi in OR, and "Triskal" is staying here. Update: At 6 months of age,Triskal took 1st Place at the '05 NCBC Okanagan branch show in Vernon, B.C.

Amethyst's triplets

On November 9, Amethyst (Violet EBC) delivered three male kits, a 37g Standard VC, a 43g Standard VC, and a 50g Violet. Their daddy is Jingle, a Standard VC. The smallest vc and the Violet were sold to Sandy in WA, and "Neeko" was sold to Christina in WA.


On November 15, Pandora (Standard EBC) delivered a beautiful 59g Extra Dark Ebony female! "Tanzy" is staying here. Her sire is Cosmo, an Extra Dark Ebony. Tanzy was shown at the '06 West Coast Chapter show in Ellensburg and took 1b, Reserve Section Champ female, and Reserve Female of Show (she was REALLY close to being awarded Reserve Grand Show!)

ZoeZoe ("Zoey")

On December 10th, Sierra (Black Velvet) gave birth to an adorable 69g Black Velvet male! He is the first Black Velvet we have had born here and is also the biggest kit so far! His sire is Rainier (Standard). "ZoeZoe" was sold to Jani in WA.

Sebastian and Tucker

On Christmas Eve, Gracie delivered two 67g boys, a Standard and a White Mosaic. "Sebastian" and "Tucker" were both sold to Desmona in NV and are turning out very nicely! Their sire is Casper (White Mosaic).

Lelu and Elliot

On December 29th, Ellie's kits were delivered via an emergency c-section after a shot of oxytocin didn't work (we think the kits were just too big for her to deliver). Two of her babies survived, a 73g White Mosaic male, and a 65g Standard female. Their sire is Casper. "Lelu" was sold to Allison in WA, and "Elliot" was sold to Sarah in WA. Lelu produced a gorgeous White male for Allison that was shown at a field day and took Grand Show!

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